Our desire at FHL is to cultivate a thriving community that is rooted in Faith, Hope and above all Love alongside helping to make a difference in the world by aiding the needy and the voicless.  That is only made possible by generous people like you who believe and are passionate about similiar vision. Many of you do that by offering your time, talent and prayeres to help and we want to thank you from the bottem of our hearts. 

Every financial gift (regular as a standing order or one off) is used 100% to go towerds our work in Monaco and other projects we have connections around the world

Bank Transfer & Standing Order

Set up a standing order with your bank using the account details provided and your Name as the transaction reference.

IBAN: MC58 3000 3015 0400 0372 6206 684
Banque: 30003
Guichet: 01504
No. de compte: 00037262066
Clé RIB:84
Reference: Your Name